BEYOND | pavilion of innovation 2015

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Computational Couture

Expanding the horizons of dress making towards an algorithmic approach

19/5 – 22/5

Clothes can be considered as the very first form of mediators between body, space and events, condensing in their aesthetics not only the evolution of its relation to the physical functions of the body (movement, protection, temperature regulation) but also the evolution of cultural expression precisely by exceeding the purely indexical performative relations, designing not only for the needs but for the desires.

Building with Robots  (no fees required)

Emerging construction process

20/5 – 22/5

With designers seeking to push the limits of what is a possible using computational design, parametric modeling techniques, and real-time process feedback, industrial robotic tools have emerged as an ideal development platform to reconsider way of materializing digital complexity.

Making Things Talk  (no fees required)

Prototyping The Internet Of Things


Over the past years we have began to use the Internet no longer exclusively from a table with a keyboard and a mouse, but it becomes a constant activity, being used from bed to work, on the subway or in a bar, for professional purposes or leisure. For many of us the Internet is already present in our lives almost constantly, but how?

N.E.RO.  (no fees required)

Networking Environmental RObotics


N.E.RO. technology focusses on data collection and the translation of diverse environmental conditions into useful and accessible information and resources. During this event, we will explain the fabrication process and assembly of the first version of the N.E.RO drone. Come and learn to fly!

WikiHouse (no fees required)

Prototyping & Construction Process

19/5 – 22/5

The open design concept of Wiki House allows us to customise, fabricate and assemble a full scale house with only a few people in only a few days. In collaboration with the AA school we will assemble and demonstrate the design and production process of a locally manufactured version of the Wiki House V3.3.


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