BEYOND | call

CALL | brief

IAAC and Fab Lab Barcelona, in partnership with Beyond Building Barcelona and Fira de Barcelona present the CALL FOR PROJECTS: BEYOND | the next boundaries of construction. BEYOND aims to bring together world class projects in the fields of research and education, in a physical and online exhibition that will be hosted within the Beyond Building Barcelona (former Construmat) fair. Beyond Building Barcelona is the largest reunion of the construction sector and associated industries in Spain, Southern Europe, Northern Africa, and Latin America.

A limited number of pioneer research projects from research and education sectors (student, phd, post-doc research projects) will be representing new ideas for the future of the construction and development of the human habitat, based on digital and accessible technologies.

Built projects and prototypes will be selected to be exhibited in the international event BEYOND BUILDING BARCELONA, within the PAVILION OF INNOVATION 2015. We aim to offer a matchmaking space for research and innovative projects to meet construction and technology companies and bring possibilities for projects to be implemented into real world developments.

The Innovation Pavilion in BBB 2015, curated by IAAC and Fab Lab Barcelona, will present new ideas and construction paradigms emerging from international high level research and pilot projects of excellence that form the basis of future buildings and cities.

Novel and reactive materials, advanced digital/robotic manufacturing techniques and responsive environments are the key topics presented, that will be shaping the future of the building industry.

BEYOND becomes the tool to identify innovative projects of excellence developed within institutes, academies and other research centers, constructing the bridge connecting innovation with the industry and businesses.

CALL | selection

The SELECTION COMMITTEE will select 10+5 projects, that will be invited to take part in the Pavilion of Innovation 2015 as part of the Beyond Building Barcelona international exhibition taking place from 19th to the 23rd of May, 2015. For each of the 10+5  projects selected, the BEYOND organization will cover the expenses of flights and accommodation for one team representative.

The BEYOND organization has the right to use all materials submitted to the Call for Projects for both publication and educational purposes, always stating the source, and without any form of remuneration for the designers.

By applying to the Call for Projects, participants accept the RULES of the Call. Any infringement will be notified and evaluated by the Call for Projects Committee.

By submitting in the Call for Projects, the participants declare that they are totally aware of and agree to all content of their project as truthful and corresponded to their own project.

CALL | rules

This is a digital Call for Projects; hard copy proposals will not be accepted.

The language of the Call for Projects submission is English.

DEADLINE EXTENSION: 31st March, 2015.

All entries are to be submitted via email at/or before midnight 31st March, 2015 GMT.

The choice of graphic representation is completely open to the participants.

The projects must be the result of seminars, degree courses, doctoral thesis or post-doctoral research developed within educational institutes.

The selected proposals should not be limited to a purely digital development, but must be proven and tested with physical prototypes.

CALL | requirements

For all applications, it is necessary to send all required and extensive documentation for the proper understanding of the project.

Please follow the requested list as below:

  • Five Images, containing prototypes, drawings and diagrams of the project, Board resolution must be 300 dpi, RGB color mode in JPEG format.
  • One Video, 2:00 min duration, showing the developed prototype and its performance
  • One Technical datasheet containing the size, dimensions, materials and description of technical characteristics of the project and prototype (maximum 1000 words)

CALL | acceptance of rules

Disqualification of entries may occur if the guidelines are not met.

Entries are encouraged to include all necessary information to clearly explain the proposal.

All materials must be delivered in digital format no later than the specified date and time in CALENDAR, otherwise the application will be considered incomplete and disqualified.

If participants fail to deliver all the requested materials, this will imply the immediate disqualification of the entry.

All Participants confirm that they have read the RULES carefully before submitting their entry. By entering the Call for Projects, participants acknowledge and confirm their complete acceptance and full understanding of the RULES.

CALL | calendar

2nd February 2015 :
Publication of the rules for entry; Opening of the Call for Projects.

2nd February 2015 – DEADLINE EXTENSION 31st March 2015 :
Registration and submission period.

1st April 2015 – 17th April 2015 :
Evaluation of the projects by the Selection Committee.

20th April 2015 :
Announcement of the selected projects.

19th May 2015  – 23rd May 2015 :
Beyond Building Barcelona Exhibition.

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