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ENTRY #20 | augmented skin

Project Brief

This project proposes a design using a unique crafting technique which is a customised, low-budget casting process for the creation of intricate objects and building parts. This technique utilizes different materials that have opposite characteristics, such as solid stick and elastic fabric. The combination of the characteristics of these materials causes the resultant object is transmute into an inimitable and unexpected shape. The purpose of casting is to capture the shape after it has been determined; casting also has a structural function. The internal cross-shape stick functions as structural material to reinforce the casting material. The dynamic surface of the elastic fabric is constrained by the distribution of the internal stick components whose composition is distributed randomly. In addition, the fabric is coated with PVA for casting. Finally, this semi-rigid, self-supporting tension system serves as the formwork for concrete casting.


Furthermore, we use two design logics: ‘Strand’ and ‘Skin’. The Strand is inspired by the human body’s skeleton; it is a string-like form that becomes the main structure. The Skin, created between the Strand components, forms the surface of a space. Digital simulation is utilised for surface deformation design, the distribution design of the Strand components and structural testing.

Prototype: Chair (Please see AS02Chair.jpg)

The chair design is based on the Strand and Skin components. The configuration of the main straight Strands are supported elements of the system, defines the expansion and the size of the membrane between them. The component is the equilibrium moment of the tensile forces among the elements. This chair design enable itself to rotate along the axis x, y and z as well, and it becomes different chair.

Project Credits

Kazushi Miyamoto
Theodora Maria Moudatsou
Youngseok Doo


March GAD/ The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, United Kingdom

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